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A cash comparison to 2020 is meaningless so I need to do comparisons to 2019 but I need to change the customization to 2019. I can type it in and it works but it is an extra step and it is tedious. I tried using preferences but the choices are limited to earliest and last year, there is no option to put in dates from 2019 as the comparison when opening it as far as I can tell, I am using Deluxe if that matters


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    Hi @ianden .  Quicken does have the ability to customize this (and other reports) like what you describe.  There are two places to customize the dates range for this report:  The fields at the top left of the report and the Gear icon at the top right of the report.  For the dates choose "Custom dates..." to select custom dates.  Then you can save the report by clicking on the Save icon (the floppy disc) at the top right of the report so you can retrieve it in the future with the customization you saved.
    Does this answer your question?  If not, would you provide more detail as to exactly what you want the report to show?

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