Looking for tips to make Quicken more friendly? (Tools for Tips)

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1) Don't forget you can customize your toolbar by adding (or removing) apps used, by moving the order of those apps, and or rename them.

Another thing you can do is create a shortcut for the ones you use the most. ie: for the backup icon, I also use the description "B ackup" added under the icon (can also be deleted) I separate the B to remind me that I have Alt+Shift +B shortcut as a reminder I have that keyboard shortcut for Backup.

I did the same for C ommunity, M emorized Payee, and R enaming rules. A quick look will tell you what the shortcut is for that app. A have them in alphabet order from left to right also on the bar.

 Once you get the ones you use the most memorized you can close the toolbar and have more room in your register for transactions!

2) End up with online and ending balances that don't match? Remember that if the ending balance is more than the online balance in your register, you probably are missing a transaction.

Oh no, now I have to go through my bank statements to find where and what that transaction is? No worry.

what you can do is go to your register for an account and add a notes column. In the notes column, use your monthly closing statement from your FI. If the closing date is the 31st of Jan, then take that closing amount for that account, go to your register, and in the last register transaction for Jan, you can enter DT20210131  -$XX.XX in the notes column.

Be sure you always use the default sort of by date. (click in the date box at the top and be sure the blue up arrow is showing) when you enter the above information DT2021 for a year, 01 the month, and 31 for the closing day of the monthly statement. I also use just a "DT" at the beginning of the memo column of that transaction for sorting purposes.

You can go through statements as far back as you want or need, and enter the above information, then as soon as you need to find where the missing transactions are then just going through your register and look at the closing date amount in your Notes column to the closing amount in you Register.

 As soon as you see one of those that match, you know the error is from that point to the current date somewhere. By a system of elimination you can find the month the error is in very quickly. Once you find the month, you'll need to check line by line of the bank statement to find the error.

Correct the error then check your Online balance vs ending balance. If they match after adding the missing transaction, you're good to go. If it's still off then you need to go through the process again to find any other missing transaction(s).it's important that the sort order for your transaction is the same as it was when you entered the amounts in your notes column.
I also add a red flag to those transactions to help me see and sort them to see a list of the transactions that show what the closing balance is for a given month.



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    Hello @oldngrmpy1

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post these helpful tips. It is always interesting to see how others solve common problems in Quicken.

    We appreciate the contribution as it helps others find answers here in the Community!

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