Does this FAQ need updating?


Quicken FAQ: How do I move my Quicken files between computers?

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    Hi @"TJ102 ,

    Via Manual Backups to your other computer on the same Domain or Workgroup, like VerizonTJ.

    \\LIVINGROOM-10\MyDocuments\Quicken 2021 Data\BACKUP\Test Backup.QDF-backup.

    or use OneDrive.

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    @oldngrmpy1 What, exactly, do you believe needs updating?

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    Yes, it kind of does. That FAQ suggests doing backup/move/restore, which we now know will run out of datasets if used routinely.
    Not sure why there's an avatar of a deleted user in the OP of this thread.

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    NotACPA, you answered a question with a question. Maybe Rocket can explain it better, it's actually a pretty big problem.
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