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I am new to Quicken 2017. I just upgraded (unwillingly) from Quicken 2007 for Mac because I really need to upgrade to something above Mojave. I had a list of reports I had created which did not migrate over. Can you tell me if it is possible to create a report that has subtotals? I would like "income categories" first, and then expense categories.


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    Did you actually upgrade to Quicken 2017 (a discontinued version you bought second-hand)? Or are you using the current Quicken Mac? The reason I ask is that the reports have been improved a lot since the release of Quicken 2017, and some of the controls have moved around, so I don't want to give you misleading instructions.

    Assuming you do have Quicken 2017:
    • Go to Reports > New Report
    • Click Transaction (or Summary)
    • Enter a name for the report
    • Select Subtotal=Category
    • Click Create Report
    • Click Customize
    • Enter the date range you want
    • Optionally click on Accounts or Categories or Payees or Tags if you want to constrain the report to selected parameters
    The resulting report lists income categories first, followed by expense categories.
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