Setting up a home loan account from the past

I have a home loan that started 6 months ago. I went to setup the account for it in Quicken 2019 (desktop). I put in the loan origination date (11/1/20. It also me "When is the next payment due". I tried to put in when the first payment was due (11/1/20), because that's when I started making payments, but it won't allow that. So I put in the date when the next payment is due (6/1/21).

However, the account then shows the first payment for the loan as being made on 6/1, and not on 11/1. So I have all these mortgage payments I've made over the past 6 months that I can't reconcile because my register is only showing a payment starting on 6/1. I can't figure out how to have the loan account register show that payments started 6 months ago.


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