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There does not appear to be a way to align my checks or setup so that the Payee and Amount get printed in the correct places on my checks. This is a Mac issue as I find plenty of answers for this for the windows version, but none for the Mac version...


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    Are you using Wallet checks, 3 personal size to a page?
    AFAIK, the Mac Subscription (2021) version does not support old-style (pre ~2006) wallet checks that once worked with Q Mac 2007 or Essentials. The replacement style "Wallet, Check 21 compliant" had to have the Date and the numeric amount fields repositioned to meet the federal requirements.
    For a review of Quicken - compatible check styles and perhaps to order new check or envelope supplies, please see and (the website talks about checks for use with QuickBooks but the same style checks also work with Quicken) or order from any check printing company that offers Quicken/Quickbooks - compatible checks
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    @Ambivert You can move the entire block of printed text on checks up or down, but you can't adjust where individual fields print on checks. For some people, the problem is that once the payee and amount are aligned, the memo field prints too low and runs into the MICR printing at the bottom. At one point, the developers tried moving the memo field one line higher, but then people complained it was visible in window envelopes, so they moved it back down.

    Unless/until the developers re-write this old section of printing code, which was inherited from the 2010-era Quicken Essentials, to allow independent alignment of fields on the checks, user have to adjust the entire block up or down to the best compromise position. That may mean your memo line is a little too low, or your Payee is a little too high, but you have to get it the best you can and live with it.

    Also, take a moment to go to the enhancement request post for Be able to independently align individual 'lines' when printing Quicken Voucher Checks to add your vote and comment in favor of such a change. Idea posts with higher vote totals can influence the priority of many competing ideas for the developers to work on. 
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