Where are my category summaries?

I can no longer find (or forgot how to find) these summaries: money in, money out with great detail: all accounts, categories, tags and details. They were individually tallied by category and in my case about 20 pages after printing and very helpful with preparing income tax.


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    Hi @Ineke Rawie

    I am not sure whether this report is what you have used in the past, but the report named "Income/Expense by Category - Last Year" (for the period "Last Year") should provide complete information that I believe is helpful for tax preparation purposes. 

    You can get to this report by going to "Reports" > "Reports and Graphs Center";
    Then in the left hand column under "Spending" - click on "Income and Expense Comparison by Category" and in the Date range - select "Last year" > then click the "Show Report button.

    Let me know if you have any followup questions.


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