When downloading transactions I am missing some how to avoid and add?

Hello. I have a two checking accounts, two CCs, and 2 saving accounts connected to Quicken. Im new. I trusted that all the transactions were going through to quicken... however today I noticed one was missing from the checking account. I paid the bill... but the transaction didnt download to quicken for budget purposes.
How can i avoid this?
Its concerning because I might have missed more? Is this a frequent event? Reason I purchased was its automated function. If i have to go line by line to verify all transactions went into quicken it defeats the purpose.
Please help.


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    It doesn't HAVE to download to be included in your budget.  Manually input transactions are also included in Budgets ..,. if they use a category that's included in the budget.
    And Reconciling your accounts, preferably to a paper statement, is the way that you look for and identify any missing transactions.

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