Write checks is grayed out so I can't write any checks! (Q Mac)

kazie Member
Under transactions, the "write checks" category is grayed out and no matter what I do I can't change this. I can't write any checks. This is extremely frustrating. It has happened before and corrected itself after a few days but I don't have a few days before my painter needs to be paid.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Usually, Write Checks is grayed out when you have selected an account group in the left sidebar rather than an individual account. Check to see if your register is showing "Cash" or "Banking" or "All Transactions". You need to click on your actual checking account in the sidebar, and then Write Checks should be available in the Transactions menu.
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  • tspe13
    tspe13 Member
    The sidebar no longer lists the named account, which used to be there, and would allow me to write checks. Now all that shows up is Banking and Cash. How do I get the named account back?
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @tspe13 You've accidentally collapsed the account groups, so you have something that looks like this:

    You can see the "v" icon to the left of Banking, and clicking on it toggles between closing and opening the Banking subgroups. Well, in a piece of truly stupid interface design work, the designers chose to not include the "v" or ">" icon to the left of sub-groups, such as Cash and Credit Card. They are there, but hidden unless you hover your mouse over the Cash or Credit Card lines. Then, you'll see the ">" icon, pointing to the right, indicating the subgroup is collapsed, like this:

    Simply click on the ">" icon to tell it to expand the subgroup, and your checking account(s) will become visible again under the Cash heading.

    Another way to get hidden account groups or sub-groups to show is to click on the ••• icon at the top of the sidebar; the last menu option is Expand All Sidebar Groups.

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