Transfer from a "Banking" account to a "Property and Debt" account creates a negative expense.

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I have moved debts from my credit cards in "banking" category to a consolidation loan in "property and debt" category, also from a home equity line of credit to a mortgage account, and both transfers show as a negative expense. Since both of these actions are transfers internal within existing accounts in Quicken shouldn't they be excluded from any expense? I can successfully enter split payments into these property and debt accounts (principle and interest), pay off one loan with another internal, newly created loan, with no problems. This is the only bug I cannot get around after over 10 years of using this software.

Apparently it is recording the transfer into the Property and Debt account as a payment, and not recording the transfer out of the Banking account as an expense. Should it not be recording either since it is an internal transfer between existing accounts?


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    To a certain extent how transfers show up (in a report I assume) depends on the selection of Categories and Accounts under the relevant report Customization tabs.  But If you don't want to see transfers showing up as income and expense in reports - you're right, they aren't incomes and expense - simply customize the report under the Advanced tab to exclude all transfers.
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    Not looking or creating any reports, simply looking at the "SPENDING" tab. If I use the "customize" drop down no liability accounts are available to check off so to be included.

    Also even if I were to excluded that "Property and Debt" (liability) account in a report, would that not also exclude any principle payment that was applied to that account of which would be an expense? But again, I don't use reporting to keep track, just the spending tab.
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    It gets even stranger. As I UNcheck the liability accounts using the drop down "customize" menu under the spending tab, that is when they show up under spending. So if I uncheck the specific account that I originally inquired about, it does show up as an expense. If I check it off to include it disappears.
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