How do i get my reports with data prior to 2017?

After converting to subscription all my data is available, but reports only give me an option back to 2017. So how do I populate my reports with older data?


  • MontanaKarl
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    Every report can display any date range you choose.   Open a report and click the Edit button and enter whatever dates you want in the from/to date boxes.

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  • wannabeacowboy
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    Thanks. Guess I should clarify. This is on Windows, though that shouldn't matter. The issue is with my 'Saved Reports'. They only give me options back to 2017. Yes, I can create new reports and build the same structure, but it seems like Quicken should allow me to select a timeframe based on my data files with go back 20 years, not just to 2017
  • jacobs
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    @wannabeacowboy  Actually, there are lots of differences between Quicken Mac and Quicken Windows, so the platform you're using does matter. This was originally posted in a Mac category, but I've asked a moderator to move this to a Windows category so the Windows experts here will see your post and be able to offer advice.
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  • jujujuju
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    As MontanaKarl states, for "Date Range" you can use "custom date" instead of "yearly". "yearly" is what is giving you only the most recent years.
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