Is the qdata file for windows compatible with mac?

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I sync my Windows QDATA file to the cloud. I need to know if I can simply take the file from the cloud and use it with quicken for MAC and vise versa. Thinking of buying a MAC.


  • Greg_the_Geek
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    No, you can convert a Windows Quicken data file to Mac but the formats are incompatible.
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    The cloud data is synced to a specific data file -- in this case, your Windows data file. So it can't be open as a new file on a Mac. The cloud data also doesn't contain 100% of your data file.

    If you get a Mac, you'd simply copy your Windows data file to the Mac, open Quicken Mac, and tell it you want to start from converting a Windows data file. The converter is pretty good; for some people it's perfect, but for some people there are issues which need to get manually cleaned up. (One example:If you have BuyX/SellX transactions, which Quicken Mac doesn't support, Quicken Mac may not convert them properly into a Buy/Sell transaction plus a separate transfer transaction.)

    Also, you should be aware that Quicken Mac does not have all the features of Quicken Windows. For some users this is not an issue, as everything they need works in Quicken Mac; for some users, there are mild annoyances that can nonetheless be worked around; for some users, there is a particular important feature which is missing in Quicken Mac which makes switching to the Mac impossible or too much work. Some of the latter who want to get a Mac install virtual machine software on the Mac so they can run Windows and Quicken Windows on their Mac. Because we all use Quicken differently, no one here can tell you whether Quicken Mac will meet your needs; the best thing is to try concerting your data file and using Quicken Mac for a few weeks to see how well it works for what you do.
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