INstallation on a new mac

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When trying to reinstall on a new Mac - error says Apple can not verify - need to get an upgraded version


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    Hello @didee714

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, although I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues installing Quicken. To start off here what version of Quicken are you trying to install? What MacOS version are you also running? Are you installing with a CD or a are you installing via a downloadable link? 

    Once we're able to get more information we'll see what steps we can take to get your Quicken up and running. Let us know once you get the chance.

    Quicken Francisco

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    Some additional information: Assuming the new Mac is running macOS Big Sur, if you are trying to re-install either Quicken 2007 or Quicken Essentials from an old Mac, neither of those programs will run on the current macOS. You would need to upgrade to the current subscription Quicken Mac; fortunately, it will be able to import data files from either of those older versions.
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