None of the spending in my credit card account is showing up in the Home or spending tabs

I have to import my credit card statement as a qif file. The Account Type is Credit and the Account intent is credit. I have a few hundred transactions in here. I have adjusted made the credit card payments transfers from the checking account. If I go to the home tab the spending and categories from this account are not included. Transactions are within the date range and the credit card account is selected in the accounts settings for the tab. Likewise when I go to the spending tab and click "all credit cards", it shows up with nothing. If i manually enter a bogus entry into the account, that one item shows up in the spending. Why are none of the other transactions showing up?

This is a big deal for my budget tracking because I tend to pay for virtually everything on the card and then pay it off twice a month. So my checking account really only there to pay the card and things that I can't use a card for. So I need these transactions to show up and track by category. Thank you.


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    I'm not sure what to tell you here, it works fine for me.  You might try restarting Quicken if you haven't done that.  You mentioned transfers, hopefully the transactions you want to see aren't transfers since they wouldn't show up in spending.  Also I would make sure the categories you selected are in fact set to expense not income (switching to income in the spending tab would show that kind of problem).

    Once in the register the transactions shouldn't be any different than any manually entered transaction, but who really knows what Quicken does other than the developers.  You might also post one of your transactions in QIF format and I will see if there is anything "different" about it.

    Another tack on this would be to use an CSV/Excel input file and setup to import a QFX file instead and see if that makes a difference.  You can get instructions on that by going to the Setup tab on ImportQIF and hitting F1.

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