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Bob Rochester
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Absent me being able to discover a more private avenue to present this concern, I want to talk about the renewal process.

To start, love quicken. It was wicked buggy in the earlier times (crashing randomly, etc.) but it is now a solid application - have been using it for years. Kudos to your tech team for proactively listening to issues and writing the code to resolve it.

I also appreciate the subscription approach (it is the wave with software). New work deserves to be compensated for. My only concern as that there may be a wee bit of strong-arming going on that really isn't needed. I just expired yesterday (my bad - a lot going on and just didn't get to it). But now that I am expired, the app tells me I will now not be able to download from financial intuitions or get updates without a subscription. Elsewhere, I have read that I will still have access to my transactions. Beyond that, pretty quiet about things that will change upon expiry.

Imagine my surprise that upon every entry, I get a pop up (twice, actually) that tells me "Your membership has expired. Please renew to perform the requested action." Since I am not downloading and not updating the software this seems a bit of a fib. Again, you are a business and you need income. I get that. But you have a sound product. Saying you can't do basic functions like saving a transaction seems to be a bit of fib. I would only gently suggest that scrap that pop up as it appears patently untrue OR (I think this is actually better) make it fully honest and make future changes outside of a subscription impossible.

You will still be able to see where you have been but can not move forward saving new stuff. This is totally legitimate. Don't get to keep using something after the rental period is over. Rather you just get to enjoy the memories. Besides, this would ensure that lunks like me are a bit more proactive in ensuring their memberships are current, especially if we want our financial transactions to be recorded moving forward.

Thanks for listening and definitely keep up the good work!!

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    Your statement bring several "new concepts" to comments I have read here in the past.
    First off most people will claim that Quicken has gotten more buggy not less, it is nice to see a different perspective on that.
    The same goes for your attitude on the subscription since most people come to complain about it.

    The last surprise is the popup messages you are getting.  This the first I have ever heard about them.  Most people come on to complaint about the ad banners, and I haven't seen any one mention popup dialogs when entering transactions.

    But now that I think of it, by chance do you have the Starter Edition?
    The Starter Edition goes into read-only mode when the subscription has lapsed.  The Deluxe and above editions don't go into read-only mode, but do have some ad banner asking to renew that take up about 25% of the window.
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