Can'r reconcile Fido CMA Core Cash account to online balance

Q won't let me reconcile my Fidelity Cash Management Core Cash account using the online balance. Instead, I have to use the prior ending statement balance. I don't want that.

The setup: I'm running Q Deluxe R32.12 on subscription using Windows 10. I understand that my taxable Fido CMA is a brokerage account and that the Fido CMA "Core Cash" created on my Q is a simulated checking account to handle cash transactions. (Thank you, NotACPA.)

I can download transactions from the online balance in my Fido CMA account, but Transactions|Reconcile won't work. It says I can't reconcile the balance of a CMA-linked investment account. So I'm sitting here with a bunch of cleared but unreconciled investments.

But the immediate problem is that the Transactions|Reconcile function in my Fido CMA Core Cash account will only permit reconciling to the most recent statement. I can't find a way to select reconcile to online instead. There's no selection button in any account editing location I've found, and I've selected online reconciliation in Fido CMA editing (even though it won't let you reconcile).

Do you know what I could do? Thanks in advance.


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    How was that CMA linked checking account set up. The ONLY way that works properly is by doing TOOLS, Account List, clicking EDIT adjacent to your taxable brokerage account name and clicking "Show cash in a checking account".
    AND to reconcile to the Online Balance,  simply input yesterday's date and the appropriate amounts.

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    Thx for quick response. Yes, mine does "Show cash in a checking account." To your second point, you say forget trying find a button somewhere for Fido CMA Core Cash accounts to choose between reconcile to statement or to online balance, use the statement reconciliation input, ignore the actual statement ending date and instead insert today's date and today's online balance. I'll do that and thanks much for the tip.

    (I still have a recon problem but I don't think it has anything to to do with this subject so I'll just work it out separately. But this is helpful.)