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I'd like to see Quicken for Mac be able to tracking bit/altcoins. Specifically, I'd like to download prices of the top bitcoins and tracking them in an investment account.
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    @adsoft2015  There is an existing Idea request for cryptocurrency support in Quicken Mac, and it has been marked as "Planned" by the developers. That's the good news.

    The uncertainty is when this will happen. In that cryptocurrency support likely needs to be coordinated between the Quicken Mac, Quicken Windows and Quicken Cloud development teams, it's a bit more complex than a simple enhancement to the Mac program alone. Also unknown is how significant the under-the-hood work is to change from 6 decimal places to the 8 decimal places required by cryptocurrencies; that's potentially a big job involving new math libraries for the extended precision. It's my guess is that this is being worked on, but that it may still be some time until we see it in the released product. 
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