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I am running Q for Mac 2007 on an old iMac. I am getting a new Mac with the M1 chip. where do I find what version of Q I need to get and how do I migrate my data to the new unit.


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    There is really only one version of Quicken to get: Quicken Mac (also referred to informally as Quicken subscription, new Quicken, current Quicken, or even Quicken 2021… even though they dropped the year identifier a couple years ago). Your only decision is whether to get your subscription for Starter Edition (I don't recommend that), Quicken Deluxe, or Quicken Premier. The latter offers no additional software features, but includes priority telephone support and includes a package of a limited number of online bill payments, if you'd want to use that feature. For most users, Quicken Deluxe gives everything you need. (It's possible that in the future, Premier will have some exclusive features in the area of investments, as it does on the Quicken Windows side, but so far it doesn't.)

    Importing your Quicken 2007 data is simple and -- hopefully! -- pretty painless. Most users' Quicken 2007 data imports pretty cleanly, but you'll certainly want to review your data, account balances, investment holdings to make sure everything seems correct. (If you can still run Quicken 2007 on your old Mac while you're checking out your data in the new Quicken Mac, that's the best set-up.) One suggestion before you move your data file: in Quicken 2007, reindex your database indexes by doing Command-Option-B; that may present some data problems in the old database from trying to migrate to the new version.

    When you first launch Quicken Mac, it will ask how you want to get started. Choose the option for "Start from a Quicken 2007 data file", select your current Quicken 2007 data file which you've transferred to the new Mac, and let Quicken do its thing processing the data and putting it into the modern format. (Depending how much data you have, this could take 10-20 minutes -- or probably less on an M1 Mac.)

    There's a definite learning curse to the new Quicken Mac for anyone coming over from Quicken 2007. Thing look different and some things work differently; other things work almost identically. Some people have an immediate knee jerk negative reaction to the new user interface because it's different and inherently most people don't like change. ;) Give it some time, use the online help, ask questions on this forum; I think the majority of longtime Quicken Mac users come to really like the new program, but it takes awhile to reprogram your eye-brain-hand coordination to do some things differently than you've been doing for many years. (Also Quicken offers a free one-hour one-on-one online orientation to new users of the subscription program; it's worth it to help you up that learning curve.)
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