How to enter a Sell Transaction - IRA Account

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Historically I have let Quicken download transactions from my brokerage. Today I decided to enter the transaction manually - and I could not figure out how. I got the method in the link below both from Google and from the Quicken Help.

There are problems. For starters now where is there "Enter Transactions"

If I enter Cmd-N, the entry comes up with a "Buy" and there is no obvious way to change that to a Sell. I can not find any way to transfer the proceeds from a sale to my checking account.

If it matters, I have Quicken Delux Subscription on a Mac


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    Never mind - I found a video - I was clicking the wrong place.
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    All you're missing is clicking on the little double-sided arrow on the right side of the Type field, which defaults to "Buy":

    When you click on the arrows, a drop-down menu appears with all the types of investment transactions you can create:

    Select Sell, and then complete the remainder of the transaction. 
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    Yes and one other important item -- you have to have the "Type" column present. Otherwise that double arrow is not on the screen
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