Future Paycheck Deposit transactions are zero out

The Future Paycheck Deposit transactions are zero out after downloading bank transaction in the BILLS & INCOME module. Is there a fix for this?


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    Hello @EFW

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, although I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with the graphs. I'm wondering here if we could get a screenshot of the issue you're having here. It'll give us a bit more information about the issue that you're having. I'll leave an article down below for information on how to do so.


    Note you may need to drag the photos in to the response box in order to add it to the post.

    Once you get a chance let us know more and we'll see what we can do.


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    There is not a fix for that right now. I was able to get on the phone with Quicken support last night and they were able to remedy the situation. It did involve over an hour of time, as they had to screen share and follow a process to delete (not reset) the Mobile and Web database. Long version here: R22.12 broke paycheck function - still broke after R29.xx ? - Page 7 — Quicken

    That said, the temporary workaround I was using was to disable sync between mobile and web and hold my breath for a patch that would fix it. You do that in Tools > One Step Update... > One Step Update Settings. Uncheck the 'Sync to Quicken Cloud' box and Click Apply. If you do that, you can still download your transactions without having your future paycheck reset to zero (after you fix it one last time).

    If you are a heavy user of Mobile/Web, that may get you to decide to call support and get the Web DB completely deleted. 
    - Carey

    QW Home, Business & Rental Property - R33.22 ( Current as of 05/21. These change too fast to keep updating the version I'm on with every update that happens) 
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