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This discussion was created from comments split from: i just updated quicken to 6.2.0 for MAC, it will no longer update my bank account.


  • lkcrazy
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    This did not work for my checking account. I am missing all transactions from 3/1/21 to current. All other accounts with this bank are correct. What do I do??????
  • jacobs
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    @lkcrazy  Just to clarify, are you saying that you lost transactions going back to March 1, or that you haven't been able to download any transactions since March 1?

    If transactions disappeared, particularly after an update, it is usually because somehow you have opened an older version of your data file rather than the current one. (Quicken normally automatically opens the most-recently used data file, but things can happen to mess up its record of which file that is.)

    On the other hand, if you're saying you just haven't been able to download transactions on this account for the past three months, please provide more information so others might be able to provide help or suggestions:
    • What is the bank?
    • What is the Quicken Connection method (e.g. Direct Connect or Quicken Connect? 
    • Do you get an error message? What specifically happens when you tell Quicken to update the account?
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