write check is whited out, I can't write a check on my mac

I clicked spending and have the correct bank account chosen but
"write check" is whited out


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    how do I get help from a human at Quicken?
  • jobworker
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    Go to the Quicken Help Menu and select Contact Support and you will receive a window with options, the first one being a phone number ((650) 250-1900).
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    First, you can contact Quicken Support between the hours of 8 am - 8 pm Eastern time. Phone support is only available weekdays; text chat support is offered 7 days a week. (Quicken Support is closed on Memorial Day.)

    As to your problem, could you please double-check that you have selected a single account in the left sidebar, and not the account group (e.g. Checking or Banking). Selecting an account group is typically the reason the Write Check menu option is grayed out.

    Next, see what happens if you do this: In the register, click New, enter the Payee, Category and Amount, and then click on Edit Details (the blue tab under the center of the transaction, or alternatively Command-Option-E). When the Details pane opens, click on the Print Check tab:

    Does that open the Print Check panel with the green check image? If so, complete the transaction and be sure to check the "I will print this check" checkbox.
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