recreating reports when converting from windows to mac

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I currently use windows subscription and have been a quicken user for decades. My reports (custom and otherwise) are very important to me and are the one variable that has kept me from switching to the mac version. Does anyone know if the conversion now allows reports to remain intact? Any work around advise?
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    No, I'm sorry to say, reports don't convert in moving from Windows to Mac. And if I were to guess, I don't think they will in the foreseeable future.

    The structure of the databases and the print engines in the two platforms are so different that converting reports cleanly is likely not feasible. Or it would be such a huge project as to not be practical. 

    That said, you might find that it's not as onerous a job to create a bunch of reports in Quicken Mac as you might envision. If you can make the conversion at a time you still have access to Quicken Windows, such that you can operate them side by side, it would make re-creating what you need easier. But you also might be frustrated that certain reports you can generate in Quicken Windows cannot (yet) be built in Quicken Mac.
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