Having trouble downloading Fidelity Investments Cash Account transactions?

My Fidelity Cash Management Account (CMA) stopped syncing as of 2021. Apparently Intuit does not support updating this Brokerage account in Quicken Starter and wants me to upgrade. I don't use this account much and, anyway, I've not been happy in the past with the way that Quicken (Mac) handles investment accounts. Since Fidelity only downloads transactions in CSV format which are not directly readable in Quicken, and since I'm too lazy to automate this type of transfer in Excel, I use this workaround:
(1) Set up the Fidelity CMA Account in Intuit's Mint site (free);
(2) Export selected transactions periodically from Mint (excluding "interest reinvestment" transactions),
(3) Import the mint CSV file into Quicken,
(4) open the imported transactions in Quicken and drag selected transactions onto my Fidelity CMA account,
(5) Delete the import file from Quicken.
May seem like a lot of work to avoid paying an extra few bucks but I only do this once a quarter.


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    Starter doesn't support ANY type of investment accounts.
    Fidelity Investments is a brokerage, not a bank.  SO, they cannot legally offer banking type accounts ... only investment type accounts.
    Your CMA is, actually, the cash portion of an investment account ... which is why Starter can't download it.
    And, your step 3 is flawed.  Q can't import a CSV except to update security values.
    Also, Fidelity Investments DOES NOT download into Q in CSV format, it downloads to Excel in CSV.  Fidelity downloads into Q using QFX, and these can only be initiated via One Step Update.
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