Why does my balance for What's Left show a negative $35,000.00?

Version R33.24 Windows 10 Home. While using the report Stay on Top on Monthly Bills the report shows whats left as negative $35K. However the bank account itself is balanced and has positive $4K. Went to support and they said to ask the community. I don't have any overdue bills in the bill and income reminders so I am at a loss as to why this report shows negative $35K. Please help


  • UKR
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    AFAIK, this view looks at all your spending accounts, credit card and loan accounts included, not just your primary checking account.
  • BxLee
    BxLee Member
    Ok. Thanks. How do I get it to just show my checking account? Seems when I use the drop down and select my checking account the negative amount stays.
  • Chris_QPW
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    You said that you are using "Stay On Top of Monthly Bills" on the Home tab, but that view/report doesn't have an account selection.

    The way the "spending accounts" are selected is by the Display intent in the Account Details:

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