Categories for closed accounts still appearing

I have been using Quicken for a few decades. In that time I have closed a number of bank accounts and credit cards. The accounts were closed with proper methods and accounts set to hide in both transaction list and account list. Problem is the transfer account still appears for coding transactions.
For example I had account named OldBank. The category [OldBank] still shows in the categories list for transfers. How do you permanently hide them without deleting and losing the history on reporting and connected transactions?


  • Chris_QPW
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    Basically you can't.

    The fundamental problem here is the very fact that they shared the category field with what in fact isn't a category, a transfer.

    As such it is "sort of a category" and "sort of an account".  And they have never properly worked out a solution to "hide" it.  One might think that hiding the account in the Manage Hidden Account/Account Detail, Display settings would do it.  But that really pertains to "account lists", and you are looking at a category field.  If you go to the category list you will find that the check box for hiding a given category is grayed out and you can't select it there.

    I personally think the cleanest solution would be to allow to hide it on the category list, but that hasn't happened.

    In the meantime there is a long standing bug on how this behaves in old and new data files.
    In old data files these transfers are never hidden.  In new data files they are hidden, but if you select the various check boxes like this one:

    It still won't show them.  So very inconsistent behavior all round.
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