I've reconciled my bank statement to the penny every month. This month there's a $3,500 discrepancy

It's in the banks favor. I only have about 30-40 transactions each month. I've double checked the amounts 3 times, used Excel to compare, went back to double check all dates in my check register are correct, even searched for that amount, half that amount, and that amount divisible by 9 to see if maybe it ties back to transposing numbers. There are NO transactions for any of those amounts after 2017! I've compared ending and beginning balances on the the bank statements to be sure nothing "changed" there. Added all debits, credits and made sure that agrees to totaling up transactions. Even did the math of beginning balance minus/plus transactions. All looks right there too! I'm at a loss as to what else to look for. Has there ever been an issue with Quicken online adjusting a balance without it being transparent to the user?


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    @Tranform  First, can you confirm if you're on the current version of Quicken Mac (version 6.2.1)?

    Next, what do you see when you open Account > Reconciliation History for this account? Do all your prior reconciliation show $0 and no errors, or are there any errors showing? If you go back to last month's reconciliation in Quicken, does it hav the correct ending balance which matches the bank statement?

    Quicken's reconciliation math is pretty simple: it adds up every reconciled transaction since the beginning of time for your starting balance, and every un-reconciled transaction is shown in the reconcile window. Often when something is off, it's because some old transaction has somehow become unreconciled or deleted.
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