Quicken 2017 Transaction flashes when entering

Just want to know if this is normal behavior.
When I enter a transaction from the Bills tab, the rectangular bill information box on top flashes a few times before it gets updated into the register. It seems like it's processing. Is this normal? My data file is 175Mb
Also, when reconciling, there is a lag of maybe 0.5s to 1s when ticking off transactions. Is this also normal?
I've experienced this for quite a while now and even on a previous version so am just wondering if this is how Quicken behaves or is it due to my data file size.
Would upgrading to the current release bring any speed improvement?


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    What you are experiencing is most likely processing function of your computer's components.  I have run Quicken on four computers and it behaves different on each one with various screen flashes.  On one laptop which is not my oldest, it flashes terribly on everything where on my oldest one runs fairly decent.  On my very recent laptop which is business grade with the latest processor, 32GB of memory and dedicated hi-end graphics card, zero flashes.  So my personal conclusion is that it is not just how old/new the computer is, but the quality of the components and how well-matched they are to dance with each other.  Business grade computers use higher quality proven components.
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    Personally I can definitively say what causes such problems.  Like @BK haven't seen any kind of connection between performance and new vs old, basic vs high performance machine, small data file vs large.  In fact I have heard more complaints from people that claim their machines are high performance.

    What I can say is that other than "random chance" newer versions of Quicken don't have "performance enhancements".
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    I'm running a 6 year old Lenovo X1 Carbon with only 8Gb of ram so I guess that's probably the main culprit. I just wouldn't have thought that Quicken would be so resource hungry! All other apps work fine
    Thanks for the input!
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