Why is my category summary report not adding correctly?

Very simple math but the numbers are wrong, and this is not an isolated event. For example, this month we have two items under gifts $229.00 and $955.19. Added together it should equal $1184.19. But the report adds these two numbers and gets $1202.86.


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    It appears you're using the Category Summary report from the Other Reports group. This report is an older deprecated report that has since been replaced by newer reports that utilize the new reporting engine under the hood. Category Summary is only included in the program for legacy continuity, but is known to have inaccuracies and errors.

    The solution is to change to using the Transactions By Category report which will give you the same information but be more flexible in its display options and most importantly, be accurate.
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