Automatically Entered Transactions Cannot Be Edited

Quicken Premier Version R33.24, Build, Windows 10 Enterprise

Scheduled transaction shows up in register, but cannot be edited to match the downloaded transaction from the bank (changing amount, date, category, etc.). It used to work fine, where you could get the automatically scheduled transaction to match up with the downloaded one by doing some basic edits, even including splits. This was not a welcome change, even though the bold highlight is a bit of a bonus. And, just to make life more difficult, transactions scheduled in the calendar come up as multiples on each of their scheduled dates so it looks like you have 10 or more identical utility payments, for example, on a given day of the month.

To be quite honest, I've been using the product since 1998 (at least), and its performance has actually deteriorated over time. Anomalous transactions get created, phantom accounts demand updating, and now it's impossible to edit a scheduled transaction that was automatically entered into the register. Not only that but the menu (File, Edit, View....) is squeezed at the top of the screen to the point of near illegibility, and some of the icons are mislabeled. Instead of easier, the product has become more difficult to use over time because of the glitchy behavior of the software.

Please fix this problem with automatic transactions that wasn't ever broken before. Instead of more satisfied and loyal, I am considering looking for alternatives.


  • splasher
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    Are you sure that you have the sequence correct?  It has always worked the opposite for me.  My scheduled/auto-entered transactions were in the register first and you could then manually match a downloaded transaction (if it didn't properly match automatically) to the existing transaction.
    I have never known it to work in the sequence that you describe.

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