Account balances report shows incorrect ending balance

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    The sidebar amounts are correct. For some reason the current account balances report shows incorrect ending balances in some accounts. It seems odd that quicken does not use the account current balances as the ending balance on any "to date" report. (Life to date, Year to date, month to date, etc...) It would seem to be a first step in solving this problem. Amazed that quicken has let this continue for so long.
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    Are we talking penny-level differences, or substantially more than that?  Penny-level differences aren't uncommon in Investment Accounts and I assume it results from the report coming up with small differences in unrealized appreciation/depreciation. 
    As a note to terminology, Quicken makes a distinction between "Ending Balances" and "Current Balances."
    Current Balances are balances in the Accounts as of "today" where Ending Balances are the balances in the Accounts as of the most distant future date recorded in the Accounts.  You use the term "ending balances" in your post but I assume you really mean "current balances" as you refer to "to date", which refers to "today."
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    I'm having the same issue. The balances are substantially different. In my case, it is not Ending Balance or Current Balance. It is showing Market Value. The Market Value in Quicken should indeed match what I see as my Current Balance in my investment account with the bank. The Market Value is showing about $80k give/take a few thousand difference. Both the sidebar amounts, which match the amounts when I go to the account window for the investment, and the account window for the investment Market Value are incorrect from the actual balance/value that the bank shows.
    - Not too long ago, Quicken had reported that some transactions might have been duplicated from a certain period of time. I checked this also, and I did not see any duplications.
    - When I discussed with my financial advisor, he thought that maybe some account is appearing twice, but this is not the case either.

    I cannot find any reason why Market Value in Quicken would differ so drastically from the balance in the actual account with the bank since they also use the current value from the market close to calculate the balance.

    The difference does not make sense.
  • This is ridiculous. Account Balances report as of quarter end shows zero balance in more than one account that have had substantial positive balances for years. I tried validating the file and had no impact. Q Premier, Windows 10 Long time user, this software can be so frustrating!
  • Prior issue resolved in a chat. Something is amiss in saved reports. Delete saved and create new ones and the issue disappears. Wonder why...
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