Account balances report shows incorrect ending balance

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  • DGA
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    The sidebar amounts are correct. For some reason the current account balances report shows incorrect ending balances in some accounts. It seems odd that quicken does not use the account current balances as the ending balance on any "to date" report. (Life to date, Year to date, month to date, etc...) It would seem to be a first step in solving this problem. Amazed that quicken has let this continue for so long.
  • Tom Young
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    Are we talking penny-level differences, or substantially more than that?  Penny-level differences aren't uncommon in Investment Accounts and I assume it results from the report coming up with small differences in unrealized appreciation/depreciation. 
    As a note to terminology, Quicken makes a distinction between "Ending Balances" and "Current Balances."
    Current Balances are balances in the Accounts as of "today" where Ending Balances are the balances in the Accounts as of the most distant future date recorded in the Accounts.  You use the term "ending balances" in your post but I assume you really mean "current balances" as you refer to "to date", which refers to "today."
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