Only downloading past three month with Costco Citi Visa card

I have an issue that Quicken is only downloading about 3 month worth of transactions from my Costco Visa credit card (from march 10th until today) but I need the data from JAN 1st 2021. This hasn't happened with another credit card(Discover) any solution?


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    Many financial institutions only go back 90 days (my CU is that way), which means that you will probably have to use your financial institution statements and fill them in manually, or restore a back-up copy of your transactions.
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    Go to your account at Scroll down to the Transactions section, and under Time Period, set the popup menu to Date Range. Fill in the dates of the transactions you need and click Apply. To the right of the Apply button, click Export. Select QFX-Quicken and click the Export button. 

    Now find the downloaded .qfx file in your Downloads folder. Double click and Quicken will open and offer to import the transactions. Change the popup Type to Credit Card. Under the Action popup, you can choose to link it to an existing account. Your Citi Card account may or may not be listed. But I don't recommend linking this import to the existing account. Instead, choose Add under the Action popup. Give the new account a temporary name. 

    You will now have a new temporary account with all the imported transaction, some of which you undoubtably already have in the account. That's okay. In the temp account, select the transactions which are not already in the Citi account and drag and drop them over to the Citi account in the sidebar. (Use command-click and shift-click to select bunches of transactions at once.) Once you've got the transactions you need, delete the temporary account. 

    That's it; you should have what you need. Before starting any of this, be sure to make a backup of your file in case anything goes wrong.
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    You can also see if logging into the Costco Visa website and logging into your account gives you any option to download a transaction file. Many financial institutions allow you to download more information to a file than they do to a third-party application like Quicken. You'd be looking for a Quicken download or a QFX file format option.

    Note that if you are able to do so, there will be duplicate transactions between what you've already got in Quicken and what you're pulling in from this file, so you'll need to go through and weed out any duplicates. Quicken normally prevents this by tacking a unique transaction ID number (FITID) downloaded from th financial institution, but the numbers are different between different download methods, so Quicken won't know transactions are duplicates.
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