simple method of dividend or interest deposit to checking account (Q Mac)

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In Q2007mac dividend payment choice of account was available. Q2020 requires 2 transactions. drag and drop does not work. Looking for quick key or right click option to enter information. The developers do not seem to listen to the old mac users.


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    Yes, in modern Quicken Mac, dividends are recorded in the account in which earned. If you transfer the funds to a different account, that requires a separate transaction.

    Drag and drop of transactions in investment accounts was actually just added as the newest feature last month. But that doesn't apply to moving dividends. Drag and drop of a transaction allows you to move a transactions from one account to another, such as if you entered it in the wrong account. But moving money between accounts requires a transfer transaction.

    I don't have a large number of such transactions which I enter manually, but if you do, you might consider…
    • click on a prior transfer transaction, Duplicate, and enter the date and amount, or
    • schedule recurring transactions, where you'd just update the date and amount each time
    I haven't seen many posts from users clamoring for the single dividend-plus-transfer option, so I'm not sure it's a matter of the developers not listening to users. (I'm not even finding an Idea post to re-create this feature, but I might be missing it -- and you can certainly create one.)
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    I will try the duplicate option on repeat transfer transactions. There should be an easier option. It is still very time consuming as I must first locate a previous transfer. Duplicating the dividend entry and then changing every entry did not work nor did drag and drop.
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