How to view the attachments after converting to Mac

I converted from a Quicken Windows version to the Quicken Mac version and some things are different. The biggest concern is that I don't know how to view the attachments that were put in under the Windows version. It does not show as a option after clicking on it. Any suggestions?


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    I've got some bad news for you. While Quicken Mac does support attachments, attachments are not transferred in the import of data from Quicken Windows.

    This Quicken Support article has more details on what is and isn't converted from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac:

    If you're converting from Quicken for Mac 2007 or Quicken for Windows; most, but not all of your data, can be converted to the new Quicken data file.
    Data that is carried over:
    • Accounts
    • All transactions
    • Scheduled transactions
    • Categories
    • Classes and tags (these are both called "tags" in the Subscription Release of Quicken)
    • Loan details
    Data that is not carried over:
    • Online banking download setups (Quicken for Mac and Windows): If you've set up accounts to download data from your financial institutions into your Quicken for Mac or Quicken for Windows data file, the information about your financial institutions and your user ID's will be typically carried over to the Subscription Release of Quicken but there may be additional setup required such as adding passwords to make everything work properly.
    • Custom reports: The Subscription Release will not import any custom reports you created in your old data file.
    • Online banking passwords (Quicken for Mac and Windows): You will have to re-enter your passwords the first time you update your accounts in the Subscription Release.
    • Attachments: Attachments from Quicken for Windows are not imported.
    • Budgets: Budgets are not carried over from Quicken for Mac or Quicken for Windows files.
    • Data from the more advanced features in Quicken for Mac and Windows. For example, the following data is not imported: business data, rental property data, lifetime planner data, cash flow forecast data, budget data, spending plan data, debt reduction data, emergency tax records data, and home inventory manager data.
    • List of Payee addresses: List of payee addresses from Quicken for Windows are not converted to the Subscription Release of Quicken for Mac.

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