My January 2020 Wells Fargo transactions were not all downloaded into Quicken?

pdxmaven Member ✭✭
I am belatedly dealing with my 2020 transactions. I downloaded them into Quicken from my bank's website (Wells Fargo). I have compared the downloaded transactions to my bank statement.
I have found, in the first 10 days of January 2020, there are 9 transactions that show up on my statement that weren't downloaded into Quicken. I have checked and double checked my Quicken download and they truly aren't there.
I find this really worrisome -- I would have hoped that I could TRUST the Quicken download and my bank statement to match.
Interestingly, for the rest of 2020, all transactions have been downloaded.
Wondering why this has happened and if this means I forever and always have to do this sort of detailed cross checking
signed: Worriedly


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