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Last night Quicken upgrade when I started the application. Now it does not recognize the password I had set for my data file. Did this happen to anyone else?


  • UKR
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    If you haven't rebooted Windows since you installed the latest software update, please do so now and then try Quicken again.

    Quicken data file passwords are case sensitive.
    If you never had a data file password before the update or the password doesn't work as expected, I'm afraid you'll have to restore your data file from a backup taken prior to the update. If necessary, go back and restore successively older backups until you find a file that works.

  • Mark Repinski
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    The data file password has been the same for a relatively long time. The last backup I have (there are several) were all backed up prior to the update. I will try to open a backup; however if that doesn't work (since the data file password was the same on the backup file), what would the next steps be? I had read a suggestion to use a prior version of Quicken, open the data file, remove the password, back up the file again, then upgrade Quicken to the newest version, and finally open the data file with no password. Does this sound logical?
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    Hello @Mark Repinski

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, though I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this.

    If you do experience issues after you have tried the backup we would recommend contacting Quicken Support directly for the best assistance. We have a tool available that will let us remove the password so you can reset it as long as you're able to answer a couple of questions about the file.  I will leave our hours down below so you can find a time that works best for you. Additionally for more information on the problem I'll leave an additional link.

    Click here to review Quicken Support's hours of operation.

    Quicken Francisco

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