how to reconcile a mortgage loan account in Quicken for Mac?

Andrew Harris
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how to reconcile a mortgage loan account in Quicken for Mac?


  • Mark1104
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    can you expound on your question.  look at your loan statement from your mortgage servicer and ensure that QUICKEN matches that balance... then it is reconciled....
  • Andrew Harris
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    Regular checking and savings account have a reconcile button at the bottom which allows cleared transactions to be converted to white checks in a green circle. I can't see how to do that with a loan account like my mortgage account, even though it has the same CLR column with checks in blue or green.
  • jacobs
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    There is no reconcile function for mortgage accounts, since you can't enter transactions directly in the account register. The Clr field is not shown by default, and there's no Columns icon to change which columns are displayed. But users may know that Control-clicking on a column header will pop up a menu of column choices, so you can change the displayed columns. (I don't know why the developers decided not to enable Reconcile for loans; I'm just confirming that this is the way it is.)

    If you want to mark transactions as reconciled after reviewing your statement, you can do so manually if the Clr column is visible. Option-Click on the checkbox in the Clr column once to turn it to cleared (blue checkbox) and a second time to turn it to reconciled (green checkbox). Sin ce there's typically only one or two transactions in a loan account each month, it's easy enough to do should you wish to.
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  • mybank2002
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    Thank you for this option clicking answer. This was driving me crazy that closed accounts where showing up and accounts that couldn't reconcile when I sort by cleared and when I click on the all column all these transactions would show up making it not easy to see what hadn't been cleared. I am going through hundreds of transactions to mark as reconciled with the green circle. 

    FWIW if anyone else finds themselves in this situation sorting by cleared and selecting multiple accounts, use your left hand on option on the right side of the keyboard and press home button. With the right hand click on left click you can mark several as cleared fast (even better with a trackball because the cursor doesn't move). Thankfully option+home doesn't do anything different then just pressing home so you can keep your thumb on option. For me it moves you to the bottom with each reconciled click so the home is necessary to get back to the top to mark the next transaction as reconciled.  
  • Perry Smith
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    I came here looking for the wisdom that @jacobs shared but the ideas of @mybank2002 kicked me off to a new level of frenzy.  I spend time at year end "cleaning up my bookkeeping" but the idea of going to "All Transactions", select everything before 01/01/2022, and then making sure they are cleared with the green dot never occurred to me.  So I'm slowly cleaning things up.

    I don't have a home key but generally what I do is I look in All Transactions filtered by date and sorted by clr to pick the next account.  In that account, I sort by clr so the green dots are at the bottom then I spam option-click the top item.  The only hitch is you have to select a transaction towards the bottom of the screen or it will scroll to the selected transaction with each option-click.
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