I have Quicken 2006 for Mac running on an old MacBook- got file load error

I can not get back into my files - damn. Love the simplicity of the program and now I can't access my files.
Has anyone successfully converted 2006 files?
Hints, suggestions please


  • Some kind soul hopefully can help!
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    You can certainly move forward with a Quicken Mac 2006 data file -- if it isn't corrupted. If the file is damaged, there's likely nothing you can do. Do you have backups?

    Your path forward would be to obtain a copy of Quicken 2007 to import the Quicken 2006 data file. Then, the current version of Quicken Mac running on a newer Mac can import the Quicken 2007 data file. (No Mac can run both Quicken 2006, which requires Snow Leopard or earlier, and current Quicken Mac, with requires High Sierra or later.)
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