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I lost my data file and backups but can still access my online data. Is there a way to restore my local file? I assume I might start a new file and sync with cloud, but is that correct?


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    Also, the Quicken Cloud is not a backup; you can't restore Quicken data from the Quicken Cloud, and you can't access the Quicken Cloud from anywhere except the desktop and mobile Quicken products.  If you're looking for a cloud backup service for Quicken, please see this information about Dropbox and Quicken.

    What is the Quicken Cloud? | Quicken

    How did you lose your Quicken data file?
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    As Greg says, there's no way to restore the desktop file from the cloud. You best hope is to find and recover your data file or a backup. How did you lose them? Perhaps we can help find them.

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    FIle was lost as we do not access the file regularly and it was kept on Dropbox. Dropbox was a personal account and data is purged monthly. Another user of our Dropbox deleted the folder containing Quicken Mac file. I think there is no recourse possibly. I am going to peruse the Mac that handled the file and see if I can have Quicken restore a backup of the file, if it exists separately from Dropbox. I am hoping it sent backups to a local folder location. Any other ideas let me know.
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    Typically, you'd keep the Quicken data file on your local computer, and set the backups to be store on Dropbox, but perhaps that's not the way you were using it. (For future reference, storing the live data file on Dropbox is not supported as it leads to a variety of possible data errors.) 

    If you have any version of Quicken Mac from recent years, the data file can be stored anywhere, but the default location for the file is one place to look. In the Finder, hold down the Option key while pulling down the Go menu, and select Library. Then open Application Support and log for a Quicken folder. If there is a data file here, it will be inside a Documents sub-folder. If there is a backup data file here, it will be inside a Backups sub-folder.
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    The new version of Quicken is a disapointment. For the first time in many years of use, Quicken has let me down by losing input.
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    @allenj You haven't explained what problem you are having, so there's no way anyone are can help you. The latest version of Quicken Mac didn't impact file storage at all, so I'm not sure what you have lost. Quicken also creates a backup of your data file every time a new version is installed, in the event something goes wrong. 
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