New laptop - how to install Quicken and move my data ?

I bought a new laptop and need to move my Quicken file to the new laptop. What is the best way to do that?


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    Two steps involved....
    1 - you should download and install Quicken software from the Quicken website onto your laptop.
    From your laptop -
    Log into the Quicken website - find your Quicken Account info, scroll down, click on Download Quicken (Windows).
    Run the downloaded file to install Quicken.
    2 - you should copy over your Quicken data files, backups, etc from your old computer to the new laptop.
    From your old computer -
    If you look at your \Quicken\ folder, you will see the Quicken QDF data files, and probably a \Backup\ folder.
    Just copy the entire \Quicken\ folder over to your laptop.... via flash drive or cloud service.

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