The only sub-category under investments that will show up is ESPP Income.

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When I try to use the investment category in the register the only sub-category that it will allow me to use is Investments:ESPP Income. When I go to the category menu it shows 30 different subs to choose from, all of which are listed as status required. Why can't I access any of these?


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    What are you trying to do? Many of the Investment sub-categories are used by Quicken internally for data calculations, but can't be used manually. For instance, you can't manually enter a capital gain in a transaction; Quicken calculates gains based on the underlying data of the sale price minus the basis, with the transaction dates determining long- or short-term status. If Quicken allowed users to manually enter transactions into these categories, it wouldn't be able to calculate the correct data for reporting. 
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