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I initially used Quicken Personal Lite 2004 and upgraded to Quicken Personal 2008. My computer died the other day and I have just replaced it with a new one. I re-installed 2008 on the replacement computer with the original Installation Disc and it loaded properly. However, when I start Quicken for the first time it won't accept the Installation Key details. I only have one License and cannot access the old computer to un-install the program. I telephoned Quicken support and received no helpful advice other than to contact this Community. Can anyone HELP me please. I'm using Windows 10 x86.


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    PS. When Installation Key is rejected Error 7125 is returned.
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    Are you talking about an old international (Canadian, UK, Australian) version of Quicken?
    You might be able to replace your old version with the Canadian version of Quicken for Windows Subscription (2021), Deluxe or higher feature level, but I very much doubt that you'll be able to find a new Installation Key for your old, unsupported version.
    As far as converting your 2008 Quicken data file to the 2021 format ... that's a $64 question in my mind. I haven't seen any Community discussions reporting success or failure.
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    RobertY said: I initially used Quicken Personal Lite 2004 and upgraded to Quicken Personal 2008.
    That install key for 2008 is from 12 years ago - and is probably looking for an Intuit server that was retired offline several years ago when Intuit SOLD the Quicken software to an investment company.
    Suggestion would be to use the topic threads and postings on the forum to locate & install Quicken 2013....

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    "Quicken Personal" is the Australian version which was sold by Reckon, not Intuit (they licensed the code/name from Intuit).  They no longer even call it Quicken.  And I believe that they "expire" after 10 years.
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