Advanced Budgeting - for just categories in one "Custom Group" (won't work!)

I am an experienced Q user using Quicken R33.24 (Windows). I have used the Budget feature for years with income & expense categories from Q's standard "Groups" - ie. Personal Expenses, Business Expenses, etc. As well, using categories from a few of my set up "Custom Groups" within the same budgets. Done this for years. Some quirky problems on how reports sort / show these mixed group categories together on the finished budget... But now, for the first time, I am attempting to set up a new separate budget with I&E categories associated (set up) under only one of my "Custom Groups". All the categories and included accounts are selected, the date range is correct, the account register has transactions within the date range, but the budget just comes up blank! No categories appear! No actuals appear! No lines to load in monthly or yearly budget amounts appear! Nothing except month headers and $0! Could the budget exports or Quicken people tell what I might be doing wrong, or is there a programing issue that will not allow budgets to be filtered / established using categories under just one custom group only? Thanks for your help!


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