AMEX Download Error 502 when updating online (Q Mac)

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Hey gang-

Today when updating All Online Accounts, my two American Express cards fail with Partial Download Error 502. One is the Marriott Bonvoy AMEX and the other is a Delta Gold Skymiles AMEX. No transactions since 9 June are downloading which was the last time I updated my online accounts.

I was still running Quicken Mac Premier 6.1.1, so updated to the latest 6.2.1, but getting the same errors. I also tried online updating the accounts individually, but same error.

I don't see AMEX listed on the Known Issues page, so wondering if anyone else has any insight on this.



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    For what it's worth, problems with financial institutions often don't show up on the Known Issue page until a day or two after problem reports behind to surface. Many problems are resolved (without notice) within a day or two. Also for what it's worth, I haven't seen other reports of a widespread problem with Amex recently.
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