Changes after Updating to R34.13

After R34.13 was installed, when I opened ONLINE Center....I knew something had been changed....  Prior to this Update the Online Center where the Transactions Sent or to be Sent used to have a pleasant yellow background.  Now after R34.13 the Online Center is a Stark WHITE background.  I saw nothing in the release notes that listed this change did anyone else?  Or, is this one of those changes that was not expected meaning, when you change something in software many times it changes something else that was not intended to be changed..


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    Release notes seldom have such details in them.  They are most just what they consider "important".
    As for was it intentional or not?

    Probably only the developers would know, and I think you will get any kind of answer about that from them.

    Looking at the Online Center I see what you mean.  My guess would be that it is intentional.  As in they were in there changing things for Quicken Bill Manager and such and decided to make it "consistent" with the rest of Quicken.
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