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I have started playing around with the LTP. Several things are confusing/unknown to me currently, but I found something that just looks like a possible bug in the Roth Contributions limits. The attached pics are a test I made in the LTP. In the LTP, I show total salary of $110k. My 401k contributions are 11.5% ($12,650) and the employer match is 8.5% ($9,350) for total 401k contributions of $22,000. I also show $6,000 contribution to my Roth IRA (2nd attached pic). In total, I would expect LTP to show $28,000 in my tax-deferred savings, however, it only shows $27,500. Being exactly $500 off (which is still the case when I use my actual salary figures, rounded to whole dollars, for both my wife and me as well) would lead me to believe that maybe the contribution limit hasn't been updated since 2018 (when it was $5,500/year). Also, in my actual Quicken file, I exported all years out through retirement, and each year was off by $500.

Version installed is: R34.15

Thanks for looking.

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