Check numbers not mapping in Quicken mac 6.2.1

Edie Member
Just upgraded today and when I downloaded my bank accounts the check numbers are replaced with some other numbers help. This goes back to April 2020.


  • jacobs
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    I'm unclear about a few things you mentioned...

    You upgraded today to Quicken Mac 6.2.1; what version of Quicken were you using previously? When was the last time you previous used Quicken?

    Most financial institutions allow only 90 days of transactions to download. When you downloaded today, how far back did the new transactions go? It seems unlikely that what you downloaded today would have any impact on transactions from 2020.

    This may be obvious, but just checking: your register(s) have the Check # column showing, and that's where you're seeing these other numbers? 

    Are your accounts at one financial institution or more than one? Sometimes banks don't properly code check numbers in their downloads such that they fill in the Quicken Check # field. (My bank, for instance, downloads checks with a Payee of "Check" and there is no check number.)
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