June 2021 - Download transactions and account balances inaccurate

Anybody know if there is a FIX for suddenly as of last week my Quicken banking accounts no longer download the accurate online account balances? I have tried the deactivate/reset account, the one at a time rather than one set, Express Connect vs Direct Connect, web/mobile turned on/off, retrieve backup, etc. I have used Quicken for 20 years and am overwhelmed with frustration and worry since all of my business and personal accounts are now in limbo. I appreciate any help.


  • PatriotMom2
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    anybody have an update on when this will be fixed? The mondo patch did not correct it
  • NotACPA
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    We're going to need some more info in order to help you.
    • What Q product and what BUILD of that product are you running.  Also, what's your "Membership Valid thru" date?  This info can be found at HELP, About Quicken
    • What banks, or other financial institutions are you having this issue with?  And what's your connection method to each?  This info is at TOOLS, Account list ... and look in the "Transactions Download' column?
    • Are you getting any error codes, or messages when you try to download?
    And, lastly, the people messaging in this forum are, primarily, other users like yourself.  We're not Q employees, so we can't answer your "when" questions.

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