I need ALL my files. Not just 1-2 years. How to fix??

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I just activated my free year of Quicken provided by Quicken Mastercard! Yea! and THANKS!
Now I see that the figures are about right, but only 1-2 years of data was downloaded. How do I safely add the ALL 20-30yrs, or at least the info that was there prior to activating the code (most accounts back to 2000.
Also, I chose the Online Quicken to get signed in, but can I work offline, as well?


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    Can you clarify where this 20 or 30 years of data exists? In Quicken? It sounds like you created a new Quicken data file instead of opening or importing your older Quicken data file.

    Next, let's clarify that Quicken is a desktop based product, with a mobile app and web login as companion to, but not replacement for, the desktop product.

    So you need to download Quicken Mac to your computer and install it. Then you need to either open or import your older Quicken data. (Exactly what do do depends on what version of Quicken you were using previously; post back with more details and we can guide you on how to proceed.) Then you can sync your data with Quicken's cloud, to enable you to access your data via the mobile app or web login.

    Once you get everything squared away and up-to-date, you can work on Quicken offline on your Mac; of course, it needs to be online if you want to download transactions, security prices, etc., or to sync to the Quicken Cloud in order to use the mobile app/web interface. The mobile app and web interface are using cloud storage, so you must be online to use them.
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