Quicken For Mac Two Line Display

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I just found the discussion and now the moderators have closed the thread. WHY? We want two line display for Mac.


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    @jerryhoyt1 I don't know what thread you found, but the one that counts is the Idea thread requesting this functionality. It is not closed, so you can add you vote for it (scroll down under the first post to the yellow box, and click the arrow under the vote counter).

    You can read what has already been written about it, and then add your comments. It's helpful to explain why you would find a requested feature helpful; the developers don't listen to "make it like Quicken 2007!", but they do listen to reasons why user feel a feature would better suit their needs. (For instance, if you use Quicken on a 13" laptop, and the width of the screen to display all the columns you need is problematic, you could talk about that.)

    Note that this idea is marked as "Under Consideration" by the developers; that's the good news for those who want this feature; the bad news is that it's been Under Consideration for a long time without a change in status to either Planned or Not Planned. ;)  That often indicates the developers may be waiting to tackle other features they consider more pressing before making a final yea or nay decision about this one. 

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